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Quality bearing responsibility reliable bearing trust

Ruijian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a large backbone enterprise of woodworking machinery industry, high-tech enterprises. Located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta"South China woodworking machinery town"Reputation Shundelun Town of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company adheres to the core concept of "quality bearing responsibility, reliability bearing trust", and strives to provide reliable products and better service through continuous innovation. Combined with the industry's best R & D design, manufacturing, technical services, marketing team, committed to create a platform for employees, create wealth for customers, create value for the society of the enterprise.


Sharp and ingenious

Sharpsmith company introduced high level of processing and testing equipment, has a strong production capacity and warehouse finished products workshop. With rigorous management system, the attitude of excellence, precise process design, to provide high quality equipment. Specializing in the production of wallboard processing center, composite cleaning machine,CNC tenon machine, CNC tenon machine, CNC dovetail tenon machine, automatic comb tooth finger joint machine,Woodworking planer, carving milling machine, saw machine, drilling machine,Sanding machineAnd other series of furniture complete equipment.

Our products have applied a number of patented technologies and computer software copyright created by the company. Our main products have obtained the high-tech certification. We are the director unit of LCC Woodworking Machinery Chamber of Commerce. Based on quality, market-oriented, strict enterprise management and strong team spirit, to achieve faster and stronger development.


Create international sharpsmith to build a reliable brand

For more than ten years, the company has been developing continuously, and now it has become one of the largest furniture equipment manufacturing enterprises. With high quality products, high quality service, Ruijian machinery products are sold all over the country, and exported to many countries around the world, with professional technology and excellent quality to win the trust and support of customers.


The pursuit of excellence is endless, keep pace with The Times and create the future

Sharpsmith Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the woodworking machinery as the core of the professional product strategy, and constantly improve product quality and brand reputation. At the same time, we set up a branch in Ganzhou to expand the scale of production and service outlets. Sharp and ingenious,There is a quality called excellence, there is a spirit called perseverance,We will work hard to keep pace with The Times and constantly innovate to become a domestic first-class and world-renowned furniture equipment manufacturing enterprise.  


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Address: No. 19, East Road, Lunjiao Xiashi Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong
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