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Double-sided cleaning machine] electrostatic busters, efficient dust removal



       During edge sealing processing, the plate is easy to generate static electricity due to friction through multiple processes. The static electricity attached to the plate surface is invisible to the naked eye, but it is very easy to repeatedly adhere to dust and edge sealing debris.

Faced with this problem, the workshop often uses an air spray gun to blow away the dust and dust stuck to the surface of the plate. However, the air spray gun cannot remove static electricity, and the static electricity left on the board is easy to be stained with ash twice, which consumes manual labor and the problem still exists. A few manufacturers will use electrostatic agent, artificial spray on the surface of the plate and then wipe, although you can get rid of static electricity, the cost of electrostatic agent is very high

And with an extra manual process, it takes longer. Due to manual operation, the electrostatic removal effect of each board is also difficult to control.

Is the static electricity problem

Can't you get rid of it cost effectively?

Use it!


Not only can double side cleaning dust

It can also effectively remove static electricity!

Manual feed only

Leave everything to the machine!

Let each board clean the electrostatic effect to achieve standardization!

Effective, efficient, save time, save salary!


01 Main Functions

A Dust removal

The last process before packaging, double-sided cleaning once completed, standardized cleaning effect

Reduce labor intensity, greatly improve efficiency



B Clearing Static Electricity

Really effective in addition to static electricity, double-sided in addition to static electricity once completed

No frequent replacement of consumables, consumables cost 0


02 Processing process

The first step

The sheet is first passed through the first brush to remove surface dust

Press the plate with the press wheel to prevent the plate from running out of position and springboard

After Mexico imported dust brush dust removal

Perfect solution to the problem of static electricity in operation

And the dust removal effect is good, durable

External suction, strong suction dust


The second step

A brush is used to remove the dust

Prevent dust from entering the second process

And play a sealing role to ensure the two processes of vacuuming effect

The upper and lower sides are imported from Mexico with brush rollers

After the special design of the electrostatic wheel completely remove static electricity

Equipped with 4 powerful medium pressure fans and 2 suction ports

The dust is pressed down and then sucked away to ensure the effect of vacuuming


The third step

Equipped with powerful medium pressure fan

Blow clean sheet surface again to ensure no dust residue

03 Device Control


One key start and stop, front and back two emergency stop button, high safety factor


A feeding auxiliary wheel is provided to make it easier to feed and receive, and multiple plates can be placed side-by-side at the same time


04 Parameter Information


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