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Bamboo charcoal/bamboo clapboard slotting machine! H3 wall panel processing center



Recently, home building materials industry is becoming more and more popular a new type of integrated wallboard, the product is not only environmental protection, installation is also fast and convenient, no shovel wall, no earth, blank room directly on the wall, only 2-3 carpentry master, a few days can be completed, really do "environmental protection fast installation" two words. This is bamboo charcoal fiber wall panel. Bamboo charcoal fiber wallboard is a green and environmentally friendly material extracted from the original bamboo. It is environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free. It has natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew characteristics. Loose porous structure can also effectively damp proof and sound insulation. Bamboo wood fiber is a new kind of environmental protection material, in addition to environmental performance, it also has good strength, high hardness, anti-slip, wear resistance, no cracking, no moth-eating, small water absorption, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, can resist 75℃ high temperature and -40℃ low temperature, a wide range of applications.

Blank room directly on the wall, to achieve "environmental protection fast installation"

There are four common installation methods

I-type aluminum strip splicing

The locking slot is connected with the buckle

Double female groove aluminum bar connection

Male and female slots are connected with buckles

The last three need to be slotted

The grooving is good, and the stitching is tight!



Locking type processing

The male and female groove + aluminum buckle is connected and fixed with the lock buckle, which effectively solves the expansion and contraction problems after installation of the wall panel, making the wall more stable. At the same time, the joint of the lock groove is tight and fine, and the surface of the wall panel is close to seamless and beautiful. The wall flatness requirements are higher, such as uneven need to make a bottom.


Flat seam slotting machining

Joint for male and female flat groove, buckle fixed wall, perfect flat seam connection. Blank room directly on the wall without the bottom.



Double female groove machining

Double female groove + aluminum bar connection, soil type aluminum bar solves the connection and installation problem between plates, its protrudes aluminum line can decorate the wall, create a unique space atmosphere. Walls need not be backed.

Splicing double female groove with labor note can realize the installation effect of package pillar, package false beam, etc.

Compared to a hand-slotted saw

What kind of grooving method is faster and more convenient?

H3 clapboard processing center!

Can be processed bamboo charcoal/bamboo wallboard

Latch groove/flat seam/male/female groove/double female groove processing

No need to change knives frequently

The maximum width can be processed 1.2 meters

Table can be flexibly widened large plate wide plate stable processing

Batch processing is more efficient

H3 processing process

1. Loading and pressing material

Front plate positioning + side positioning

Mobile cylinder press

Prevent plate out of position, ensure processing accuracy


 The supporting foot can be retractable and retracted freely

The maximum width can be processed 1.2 meters

The longest can be processed 3.2 meters large board

2. Set parameters

Man-machine simple operation, quickly get started

Group processing, automatic parameter storage

One key switch is convenient and fast

3. Efficient grooving

It can install 5 kinds of cutting tools without manual change

Seamless locking slot once clamping completed


Transmission system adopts high precision dust-proof linear guide rail

Servo motor drive + precision ball screw,Ensure machining accuracy


Bamboo charcoal wallboard, bamboo wallboard

Flat seam, locking slot, male/female slot, double female slot;Complete in one machine


Display of H3 finished products


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