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London International Woodworking Machinery Expo -- Invitation Letter



I. Exhibition scale

The exhibition area of LCC International Woodworking Machinery Expo is nearly 20,000 square meters, among which the area of Hall 1 and 2 is more than 12,000 square meters, and the newly added Hall 3 has a booth area of 8,000 square meters. The 17th Expo will be held in London Exhibition Hall from December 8th to 11th. Sharp Craftsman Machinery will participate in the exhibition, booth No. : B05A. We sincerely invite you to attend the exhibition.

Ii. Exhibition background

London is the largest woodworking machinery manufacturing base in China and one of the most concentrated woodworking machinery enterprises in the world. Hundreds of woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises have formed a relatively complete industrial chain in China, enjoying the reputation of China's key woodworking machinery town, and enjoying a certain influence in the world. The rapid development of furniture industry cluster in the Pearl River Delta includes Shunde, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places, which has a great demand for woodworking machinery, and also drives the development of woodworking machinery industry in the surrounding town - London.

After years of development and expansion, LCC woodworking machinery industry has become one of the important bases of international woodworking machinery in China and even the world, integrating production, marketing and exhibition functions. Shunde is currently committed to building the core area of the advanced intelligent equipment industrial belt on the west bank of the Pearl River. Lunjiao Woodworking machinery is an important part of Shunde's machinery and equipment industry. As an important platform integrating "production, marketing and exhibition" of woodworking machinery in China and even the world, the Expo not only promotes the development of woodworking machinery industry, but also plays a positive driving role in the transformation and upgrading of Shunde's machinery and equipment. Woodworking machinery industry has a strong development momentum, is the industry development of the wind vane, will be the future of the global industry center.

Iii. Exhibition layout

To create high-quality professional woodworking machinery exhibition, the lintel above the booth adopts unified design, that is, the exhibitors design, plan and decorate the space above the booth. Under the premise of unified layout, the exhibitors build their own style exhibition decoration, which shows the neat pattern of the exhibition, but also lose their own characteristics, improve the taste of the exhibition, and facilitate the viewing of exhibitors.


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