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Types of woodworking machinery



Introduction of Contents

The object of woodworking machine tools is wood. Wood is one of the earliest raw materials found and used by human beings, which has a close relationship with human living, traveling and using. Human beings have accumulated rich experience in wood processing in long-term practice. Woodworking machine tool is through people's long-term production practice, continuous discovery, continuous exploration, continuous creation and development.

Wood furniture refers to appliances made of wooden materials. According to its structure can be divided into frame furniture and board furniture two categories. Typical frame furniture structure is mortise and tenon structure, materials are natural solid wood, square wood, such as mahogany furniture, Ming furniture, Qing furniture, solid wood dining tables and chairs, etc. Typical panel furniture refers to furniture that is made of wood-based panels and connected by connecting pieces and dowel structures.

1 Woodworking saw machine

2 Wood planer

3 Woodworking tenon machine, woodworking tenon machine, woodworking milling machine

4 Woodworking lathe

5 Wood processing equipment

Furniture manufacturing machinery


Category of industry



1. Log processing machinery

Aimed at the initial processing of logs of machinery, such as sawing, dehumidification, such as large circular saw machine, belt saw, rotary cutting machine and so on.

2. Sheet manufacturing

See General woodworking machinery No. 2. Another surface coating equipment.

3. Furniture manufacturing machinery

Including solid wood furniture, Panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets, wooden doors, etc., from sawing, shaping, copying, drilling, opening mortise , splicing and combining, gluing, painting to packaging and other aspects, can be processed by machinery.


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