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A promising custom home



The reason why custom home furnishing market is an emerging market and promising, mainly for the following reasons:

First, the custom home market capacity is large
In recent years, under the influence of real estate destocking and accelerated urbanization policies, the real estate market will maintain a steady growth, which will also usher in huge market development opportunities for the home furnishing industry. And in the home industry is worth paying attention to, "custom home" industry development is particularly rapid.

Custom home furnishing industry, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life and consumer personalized needs emerge as The Times require. In recent years, the custom home furnishing industry has been particularly strong, with an average annual growth rate of 40%. It is reported that the market capacity of customized home furnishing will reach 500 billion yuan in the next five years.


Two, customized home has obvious advantages
1, can meet the personalized needs of consumers
Traditional household products are generally large-scale standardized household products, and consumers will buy whatever products are produced, which cannot satisfy their personal preferences. Customized home is to subdivide the market to individuals, according to personal requirements to design and produce household products (such as color matching, personalized specifications, etc.), can greatly meet the personalized needs of consumers.


2. Reduce inventory and risk

In the traditional marketing model, in order to maximize profits, enterprises reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters difficulties, the products will inevitably be unsalable or overstock, resulting in the waste of resources and the difficulty of capital turnover. Full-house customization is based on consumer orders, almost no inventory, accelerating the return of funds.

3, conducive to accelerate product development under the traditional marketing model, many enterprise designers work behind closed doors, only based on a simple market survey product development, the design of the home is very limited, it is difficult to meet the needs of the public. However, in whole-house customization, designers have many opportunities to communicate with consumers face to face, and it is easy to know consumers' requirements, so as to develop products close to consumers' needs and accelerate product development.

4, personalized design, large-scale production customized home through the combination of personalized design and industrialization, standardization, large-scale production, with tailored, space saving, overall sense of strong, environmental protection and many other advantages.


5, decisive into the creation of the brand

For production enterprises, in the face of the broad development prospect of the custom home market, forward-looking enterprises often choose the opportunity to seize the market first, develop new products and new services on the basis of full research, formulate new development strategies, and then create brands, stable market position. Among them, the establishment of brand is the most important thing for the survival and development of enterprises.
Brand is the complex of enterprise products and trademarks. In today's world of economic globalization, technology, products, marketing strategies and even development strategies have all been homogenized and imitated each other. However, the only thing that cannot be imitated and copied is brand, which is the fixed assets of enterprises and the key to build core competitiveness of enterprises.


    Therefore, China's custom home furnaces industry is a sunrise industry, the future home furnaces market will usher in a custom home to dominate the world. For custom home furnishing enterprises, custom home furnishing market will be an emerging market with great development prospects. Therefore, to seize the market opportunity, no delay.


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