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Warmly celebrate that Lentjiao has passed the re-examination of "China's Major woodworking Machinery Town"



On May 31, 2016, the review meeting of "China's Major Woodworking Machinery Towns" organized by China Forestry Machinery Association was held in Beijing.

"China's important town of Woodworking Machinery" is an affirmation and important symbol of industrial cluster development, but also an important benchmark to promote regional brand development and enhance industrial influence. London Street Office and London woodworking Machinery Chamber of Commerce attach great importance to the review, formed a team led by the deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of London Street Office and director Huo Maochang personally, members of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the office, Wang Xinghai, Director General of the Bureau of Economic and Technology Promotion, Chen Jianzhao, member of the Party Committee, Wu Zhaoqiang, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Economic and Technology Promotion, Liu Leqiu, President of LCC, Su Quanwo, Executive President and Zhou Yuqing, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce went to Beijing to report.

The review expert committee was composed of leading experts from the Department of Development Planning and Fund Management of the State Forestry Administration, China Forestry Machinery Association, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University, Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing Institute of Forestry Machinery of the State Forestry Administration, National Center for Supervision and Inspection of Woodworking Machinery and other levels. To review the "Major woodworking machinery Town in China" of London by means of meeting review.

Audit meeting, all the assessment experts carefully listened to the London street Office to the work of the key town after the report, to the London education in the industrial development pattern of scientific and reasonable, in science and technology innovation, brand building, in the industry common services and large production area, trade, exhibition connotation extension development have given a great affirmation, It is believed that many specific works carried out in the development process of LCC's woodworking industry fully reflect the direction and objectives of the national 13th Five-Year Plan, and make certain achievements in the development of industrial clusters and give full play to the overall advantages, which plays an exemplary role and holds a banner for the industry, which is worthy of affirmation. It is unanimously agreed that LCC will continue to enjoy the honorable title of "China's important town of Woodworking Machinery". Continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of leading the development of the industry.

In the audit, experts not only gave a strict review to the work of LCC, but also to the future development of industrial clusters, such as: the development of Internet +, e-commerce, modern logistics; Competition in harmonized products; In custom machinery; One-stop shopping; Construction and improvement of industrial chain; Strengthening industry-university-research cooperation; In the open policy, the development of industrial alliances; We are greatly encouraged by many valuable suggestions and suggestions on the innovation of the exhibition and the government's efforts to improve the space for service enterprises, integrate resources and create a fair market environment.

Finally, the London Street Office director Huo spoke at the meeting, said that London will carefully study and understand the spirit of the expert meeting, on the one hand will continue to pay attention to and support the development of the industry, find the direction of government support, to achieve the overall development of the goal; On the other hand, continue to strengthen the technical level of products and technological innovation, fill the gap between the industry and professional research institutes, achieve development docking and cooperation, help the industry to improve the level of science and technology; At the same time, the next step of the government will vigorously build the industry service and competition platform, standardize the resource integration, the overall development measures of the industry, as a key work, through the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the woodworking machinery industry of London will grow. Finally, I sincerely invite all experts to give more guidance to London.


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