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Furniture industry outlook forecast



The year 2016 has come, and the 13th Five-Year Plan has begun. In 2016, what direction will China's economy develop, and what will be the prospect of China's furniture industry?

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First, cut overcapacity and inventory

The government plays a dominant role in economic life. Recently, the government has proposed to adjust the quality of economic growth from the supply side, to destock, to quantize and to increase effective demand. The real estate industry has entered the stock era, and destocking has become a major direction. The decoration of housing will bring some substantial benefits to the furniture industry. With the acceleration of real estate destocking, the furniture industry will gain more market sales.

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Second, the impact of the labor dilemma has intensified

In recent years, our country's labor cost is increasing day by day, which caused a great impact to the traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, the problem of employment is a difficult problem for all furniture enterprises. And in the foreseeable future, the labor force will continue to decrease, many furniture companies and factories began to migrate to Southeast Asia. For current furniture enterprises, only by treating employees well and retaining employees can they maintain their competitiveness and cope with possible changes and challenges.

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Third, the growth effect of e-commerce is decreasing

Over the past few years, furniture e-commerce has swept traditional furniture enterprises, swallowing up part of the traditional channel market share. However, as an Internet tool, e-commerce will only serve as a supplement to traditional channels in the long run, rather than form subversion. As can be seen from the "Double 11", furniture e-commerce is still promising. As a furniture enterprise, we should understand and attach importance to the general trend of "Internet +". As a business owner, we should actively build an Internet team to better develop and utilize new technologies.

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Iv. Brand strategy upgrading

In 2015, although the overall industry growth slowed down and the market wailed, enterprises with brands, channels and strength could still rise against the trend and seize the market opportunities, thus accelerating the construction of market influence and brand awareness. The power of the brand can be seen. It is believed that in 2016, the brand competition of furniture enterprises will intensify, and the brand construction of the whole industry will be upgraded, promoting the development of the furniture industry towards a higher level.

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Five, the continuation of furniture style

Stylization is undoubtedly a hot topic in furniture design and marketing in recent years. Whether it is French, American or new Chinese style, the transformation from stylization to original design has become one of the themes in the development of furniture industry. In view of the success of American-style furniture in 2015, in 2016, American-style furniture is expected to continue its glory, at the same time, New Chinese style has become a new favorite. Accordingly, how to break the shackles of stylized product design and transform to international original fashion design is also the future mission of furniture industry.

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Vi. Short-term stability of furniture industry

In recent years, the construction of furniture industrial park has become increasingly popular. The local government and the market still have a demand for traditional labor-intensive industrial park, and its balanced national layout will continue. On the other hand, it can be seen from the pattern of furniture exhibition in 2015 that Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Qingdao...... The north and the south echo and a hundred schools of thought contend. In 2016, the service characteristics of China's furniture industry will be more obvious. Transformation service is the guarantee of higher profit and longer vitality of furniture industry. And with more service color, it will further support the balanced layout of the industry.

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7. Substantive reform of household circulation industry

In the past few years, the furniture industry "winter" undoubtedly began from the home circulation industry, the flow of people, passenger flow, customer price declined in unison. In the Internet era, the traditional household distribution industry is facing great challenges, and experiential shopping has become a new market trend. Traditional stores in this aspect exposed a huge problem, the wave of withdrawal one after another.

In 2016, if the household distribution industry with the Internet trend to maintain the "opposite" attitude, then it will be eliminated by the market, must come up with more new commercial forces to rewrite the old rules, so that the traditional furniture stores appear more substantive changes, in order to adapt to the new trend of physical consumption is changing.

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Viii. Upgrade of marketing service system

Regardless of policy protection such as "Consumption Law", or the improvement of consumer quality, or driven by market competition, furniture industry must transform to service. One of the most important symbols is the transformation of traditional sales channels into servitization. Today's consumers prefer "one-stop shopping", and put forward higher requirements for the quality of terminal marketing personnel. They should not only understand the knowledge of furniture, but also understand the knowledge of decoration. Even for some customers, he also needs to understand the knowledge of feng shui, constellation, etc. In order to adapt to this new consumer trend, furniture enterprises must make changes, help sales staff to improve, master more personalized service skills, in order to maintain the advantage in the market competition.

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Nine, custom furniture will still be hot explosion

In 2015, custom furniture enterprises maintained a high growth rate of about 50%, and this trend will continue in 2016. With the post-80s and post-90s young consumer groups becoming the main force, the personalized demand for home furnishings will only increase, not decrease. The higher people's living standard, the more vigorous the demand for custom furniture. On the way of the development of customized furniture, the competition between customized furniture enterprises will become more and more fierce, and the service for consumers will become more and more thoughtful. Of course, with the implementation of the new custom furniture regulations, the development of custom furniture will tend to be rational.

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Ten, the traditional furniture market depth adjustment

With the growth of custom furniture and online sales, the market share of traditional furniture has been further squeezed. If an enterprise simply relies on the traditional channel of distributors, its market share and brand building will be affected to some extent. In 2016, the traditional furniture market will attract deep adjustment, traditional furniture enterprises should have the courage to learn, actively explore, find their own Internet marketing channels and customized furniture services, do not complain, only positive change, brave learning, on the express train of the new era, traditional furniture will surely be full of new vitality.


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